Dog Grooming Options

All dogs are bathed using high quality canine shampoo appropriate to their coat type, and conditioner if necessary. I use a hydromassaging system in my bath which deep cleanses and boosts circulation, leaving your dog spotlessly clean and raring to go!

Short haired dogs are given a bath and dried. I then remove as much moulting coat as possible and trim their nails.

Long haired dogs are given a bath and dried. They are then styled as far as possible in line with your wishes, however, if your dog has a very knotty or matted coat this won't be possible, and the coat will need to be trimmed short to remove the matts. I always try to avoid doing this, so if you are unsure, please arrange a pre-appointment check. If needed I'm always happy to go through correct and necessary brushing procedures and frequency with you. Once their coat is styled I trim their nails and clean and pluck their ears as needed. Please read my Dematting Policy inGeneral Information.

Long haired dogs who are on a regular 'full groom' routine as above at intervals of 10 weeks or less are able to book mid-appointment baths. These are chargeable appointments, but often help keep coats looking lovely for longer, or they are great when you have family coming to stay!

Valerie Corfield 2013