General Information

Bookings - are always required.  You can contact me by phone, mobile, text or email.  Occasionally I have appointments available at short notice but I am generally fully booked a fortnight ahead, and at busy times such as around summer holidays and Christmas this will stretch to 4 weeks.  I am always delighted to book your next appointment when you collect your dog.

Cancelling your Appointment - There are times when a pre-arranged appointment is no longer convenient.  Please ensure you give me 24 hours notice, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, (so by 9am on Friday for a 9am Monday appointment) of all cancellations to give me time to fill the appointment.  Appointments cancelled at shorter notice than this will, except in exceptional circumstances, incur a cancellation fee of £10, which will be payable at the next appointment.  If, despite a shorter notice period, I am able to fill the appointment, the cancellation fee will be waived.

Missed Appointments - If you fail to attend for a pre-arranged appointment I will charge a missed appointment fee of £15 which will be payable at the next appointment.

Reminder Emails - Each week I send reminder emails to the owners of all dogs with appointments booked in the following week, if I have a contact email address. If you do not currently receive these emails, and would like to be added to my contact list, please send me a quick email telling me who you are and who and what your dog is (it's not always obvious!).  For example:- "Email reminders please for Valerie Corfield, Guinness, Springer" tells me all I want to know.  An email telling me '' wants to go on my email reminder list is of no help whatsoever!  I do not, and never will, use your email address for spam or marketing purposes.

Dematting Policy - In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, I do not demat dogs.  If your dog has small knots (maximum 2 or 3 the size of a 50p piece) these will be removed, but more than that, or matting in sensitive areas will be clipped using a close blade, known as "clipped off".  This is because the process of dematting a coat causes unnecessary suffering to a dog, and will often leave damaged skin with the associated risk of infection, and a thinned coat.  You will need to look after your dog's coat between grooms, and I am always happy to spend time showing you the correct tools and procedures, please ask me.  The first occasion your dog is "clipped off", there will be no charge beyond the normal grooming fee, but future occasions caused by matting (rather than your own choice on a good conditions coat) will incur an additional fee of £10.

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